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Clazzio Perforated Leather Seat Cover Installation - 2006 Ford F-150

Today we'll taking a look at the Clazzio Perforated Leather Seat Cover in gray, part number L-EAFOB7194GGG.Speaker 2: The Clazzio leather seat covers are a premium seat cover designed to fit your vehicle's specific year, make, and model. They offer complete coverage of your factory seat: the bottom portion, the back portion, and the headrest and even your rear seats. They're made out of a real, perforate leather which helps it breathe, so can enjoy that comfortable, luxurious feeling. They also feature a memory-foam insert for additional comfort. They simply slip on over your existing fabric, giving you an easy leather upgrade. The Clazzio seat covers are even designed to work with side air bags. The thread will perforate in the event of an air bag deployment.

Canine Covers Bench Seat Econo Plus Seat Protectors Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Canine Cover's line of Econo Plus seat protectors for bench seats. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. See for your specific fit. As you can see, our canine cover provides excellent coverage for the back seat of our vehicle. It's made of a water repellent poly cotton that's going to help also protect from spills, dirt, pet hair, anything that your pet might be inclined to do. If you look underneath, it features a nice, nonslip texture, so it doesn't shift, or slide off of our back seat. Here at the center of our seat, you'll notice the hook and loop.

U-Ace 3D Universal Fit Bucket Seat Protector Review

Today we'll be reviewing the 3D Universal Fit Bucket Seat Protector from UACE in color black, part number UA314209. A few of the great features that we noticed right off the bat was the elastic that stretches around our headrest. This is ideal for being able to fit over our headrest and to fit into position. The elastic just goes around the headrest. What helps hold the rest of the seat cover in place is on the underside here. It's this thermoplastic material that helps grab and grip onto our seats without damaging or tearing or scuffing.

Covercraft Seat Covers Installation - 2012 Ford Van

Today on our 2012 Ford E250 were going to be installing the SeatSaver Custom Seat Cover, part number SS2422TTXD. Now, weve already gone ahead and soak our cover for 30 minutes in a cold water salt solution. We then washed it in a machine wash and allowed it to air dry. This prevents any color transfer from the seat cover in to your clothing or other material. Now, were ready to go ahead and install in to our van. Well start here on the driver seat.

Covercraft SeatSaver Installation - 2012 GMC Sierra

Today, we'll be installing the Covercraft Work Truck SeatSaver Cover, part number SS3381TTCB, on our 2012 GMC Sierra. These seat covers are offered in seven solid colors and five exclusive true timber colors. Our vehicle today is equipped with the Covercraft SeatHeaters, part number SE1002 and we'll be installing the covers over the heating elements. We'll begin by installing the driver's seat portion which will cover the seat back and the seat bottom. We'll begin by undoing the hook and loops fasteners on the seat back portion. We'll then slide it over to the seat, bring it around the head rest, and down over the entire back of the seat.

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