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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2007 Dodge Durango

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Dodge Durango Wiring

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Installation of a Wiring Harness for a Trailer on a 2007 Dodge Durango

Today on this 2007 Dodge Durango we will be installing wiring harness part number 118390. We are at the rear of the vehicle. The connection points for the wiring harness are going to be located directly behind the tail lights on both the driver and passenger side. First thing we want to do is remove those tail lights to gain access to the plug ins. To do so I have opened up the rear hatch and you can see on the inboard side we have got two retaining clips. Remove those, we can use either a rivet removal tool like the one I am using now or you can use a flat head screwdriver if you do not have one of these available to you. With those removed we just want to gently rock back and forth to release the outside clips on the tail light and with that removed you can see the port on the back side of the tail light. This is the one we are going to be connecting the wire harness into. To separate the two we just want to release the red clip at the top and push the button. Set the tail light off to the side for the time being. 00:52

Remove the passenger side tail light next, set that off to the side. Next take the wiring harness and over on the driver side we are going to be connecting in the port that had the red, yellow, and brown wires on them. Just simply it in line between the vehicle wiring and the tail light. We also want to take the remaining portion of the wiring harness which is going to be the 4-pole and the passenger side connector. We are going to feed them down in between the body and the bumper. We also want to feed the modulite box through the opening as well. With all of that fed through we can connect the other port into the back of the tail light and reinstall it. Now we will go underneath the vehicle and route our passenger side connector to the passenger side tail light. 01:43

I am going to start with the 4-pole underneath the vehicle and we are going to route it to the center and tie it off to our trailer hitch. On the back side of the bumper we have got some hangers that we can use to help hold the wire up into place. Just do the same thing with the passenger side connector accept we are going to take this one all the way over to the passenger side and route it up in the opening between the body and the bumper. Take one of the cable ties that are provided with our installation kit and tie up the excess wire that we have going over here and then put the tail light back on. Continue back underneath the vehicle and go back to the modulite box over on the driver side. Next take the red wire on the modulite box and connect it with the large black lead of wire that is provided with our wiring kit. This lead is going to go all the way up to the positive terminal of the battery and is going to provide our power source for our harness. What we need to do is strip back a little bit of the jacketing off the wire. Take the provided butt connector, slide it onto the open end of wire and crimp that down and we will do the same thing with the black wire, it into the other end of the butt connector. Take some electrical tape and wrap that up and then we want to adhere our modulite box to the underside of the bumper. Clean off the surface to adhere to box to. Now we are going to route the wire up under the hood to the battery. When routing the wire you want to make sure you avoid any possible pinch points or hot spots that could damage the wire. 03:22

Now we are up to the front section underneath the vehicle and what I have done is to take a light gauge piece of wire and I have routed it from up under the hood down underneath the vehicle so that I can easily route my wire up in the engine compartment. Tape both wires together and then go up to the engine compartment and pull it up into place. We are up in the engine compartment and you can see we have got the black wire. At this point we need to go to the positive terminal of the battery which we can take the black wire and route it across the threshold and connect it to the positive side. Or which I am going to do here is actually take and tap into the power source that is feeding our fuse block. To connect to that terminal remove one of the nuts. Next we will take our fuse holder which is provided with our wiring kit. We want to cut the loop in half so that the one end will connect directly to our power source. The other end will connect to our black wire. To do that we just want to strip off some of the jacketing off of both ends of the fuse holder. To the one end we will add the provided ring terminal and to the other end the provided butt connector. I will connect my fuse holder to the power source first and that will help determine how much black wire we will need. Cut the black wire to length. Strip off a little bit of the jacketing and connect it to the butt connector on the fuse holder. Take some tape and tape the connection up and finally we will add the fuse to the fuse holder. That will finalize the installation of wiring harness. We just want to make sure we tie up any loose wires that we may have left over and our installation will be complete. This will conclude the installation of part number 118390.

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