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Rhino-Rack Foxwing Awning Review

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Review of the Rhino-Rack Foxwing Awning

Today we are going to review the Foxwing Awning from Rhino Rack, part number RR31200. To set up the Foxwing Awning, the first thing you need to do is come to the rear of the vehicle and open the hook and loop cover over the hinge assembly. Once you have the hinge assembly uncovered, grab the zipper and walk it all the way to the front of the vehicle. With the bag completely unzipped, pull the the cover back. :32

Starting at the rear, undo the buckle straps that secure the awning and gently let it unfold. With the awning unfolded, undo the rubber strap at the front, grab the top handle bar of the awning and starting walking your way around the vehicle. With the awning open, take one end of the securing strap and go back to your vehicle cross bars or vehicle roof rack. Come back to the awning, and lift the other end through the last bar in the awning. Then connect it to the strap in the roof, and using the slide buckle, tighten the strap down. 1:16

With the awning stretched open, take the telescoping poles through the roof in the top, and set them to the height, and lock them down. You will repeat the same process for all four of the poles. We will go back and take the awning straps and secure them around each pole. With the awning poles in place, hammer in your spikes and secure your guide ropes. If you are anticipating rain, Rhino Rack has included an extra set of straps in the center of each section, attach another rope and pull it down. Also. the height on the tent poles a bit, and it will provide a place for the water to slide off the roof. 2.06

To put the Foxwing Awning away, start by removing the guide ropes. Once the guide ropes are put removed, undo the strap around the pole and remove the pole. With the poles undone, release the strap and collapse the awning. As you collapse the awning, make sure the panels lie nice and flat so they fold up when you get back to the vehicle. With the awning collapsed, put the arms back in the holder and secure them with a rubber strap. Come back to the awning arm and remove the securing strap. With the awning collapsed and the arms back in place, grab the cover and fold it up. In half. If you do not make this fold, it will not roll nicely and fit properly inside the cover. Start from the bottom and roll the awning panels up together. As you roll up the awning panel, bring the drain pipe across and tuck it inside as you roll. With your awning rolled back up, secure your straps. 3:19

With the awning rolled up and secured, bring the flap back over and zip it back up. To secure the hinge cover, bring the top flat over and secure it tight. Bring the bottom strap up and secure them together and pull the end cover across. That does it for the Foxwing Awning, part number RR31200.

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