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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2012 Nissan Frontier

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Nissan Frontier Wiring

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Installation of a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2012 Nissan Frontier

Today in our 2012 Nissan Frontier, we'll be installing the tow ready T1 connector part number 118263. First, we'll need to locate the manufacturer's plug located on the inside of the drivers side frame rail. As you can see here, there are two plugs. We are going to remove the cap off the gray plug. Now with the cap removed we can go ahead and take our new inaudible harness and plug it directly into the manufacturer's wiring. As we install our plug we'll make sure, we have it firmly pressed into the connector and locked in place.

Now with the plug installed we can go ahead and run our wire over to the center of the hitch and secure it with some black zip ties. All right now with our wires secured we'll just go ahead and take our side cutters and cut back the excess in the zip ties. Now this will complete the install of our new tow ready T1 connectors part number 118263 on our 2012 Nissan Frontier.

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I just bought a 2012 nissan frontier. I had a 2010 frontier and took factory insalled trailer wiring harness off that truck and installed it on the 2012.all lights work exept the running lights. My question is , is there a different wiring harness for the 2012. Or is there something else wrong. If there is a different one what do I need to buy.Any help you can give would be great.Thanks Don

comment by: Don S - 9/20/2012


Don, The problem is probably going to be relay related and you probably need a bridge harness. The harness you pulled off your 2010 is probably very similar our # 118263. That harness is designed to be a replacement for trucks that had the factory tow package but the 4-way some how got damaged. It won't work on trucks that did not originally have the tow package. We actually ran into this same question with a customer in our shop. If your 2012 did not come with a tow package then all the relays necessary to make that plug in port functional are not present. There's also a harness connection in the cab that is not complete. The solution is kit # 118525. It includes the relays you'll need the activate the wiring, the bridge harness for inside the cab to complete the connections, and the harness for the back that will add your 4-way. We have a video of this kit being installed on a 2012 Frontier as well. Links are below. If you need anything else, get in touch with us.

Patrick B - 9/21/2012

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Good morning,I installed the t-1 connector on my 2012Nissan, and everything worked except my runningtail lights. do I need an adapter of some kind?

comment by: Leo S - 2/16/2014


You may be missing an additional relay, part 38666-1. Not all Nissans have this relay. I have added links to the part as well as some Q&A pages that relate to this relay.

Patrick B - 2/17/2014


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