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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Dodge Journey

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Dodge Journey Wiring

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Installation of a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2009 Dodge Journey

Today on this 2009 Dodge Journey, were going to install the Tow Ready T1 Connector part number 118474. First, well need to access the rear cargo area. Were going to remove the two fasteners that hold the tail light assembly in and then remove the tail light on both sides. Now for easy to install, Im just going to go ahead and disconnect the connectors from the tail light assembly and set it aside. We need to unlock the locking tab on the connector before you can remove it. Alright, now Im going to go ahead and move over to the driver's side and repeat the same process.

On the driver's side, were going to go ahead and take our new 4-pole connector and the green wiring connector and feed them down between the bumper cover and the sheet metal of the body. The 4-pole connector will get routed to the center of the vehicle and the green wire connector will get routed to the passenger's side. Next, well take the red and brown wire connectors and plug it in line with the manufacturers and then re-lock the locking tab. Do the same with the yellow and white wire connectors. Next, were going to go ahead and mount our converter box.

Well peel back cover off the two-sided adhesive and were looking for a clean flat surface to mount it to. Just below the tail light housing in between the bumper cover and the sheet metal is a good location. Next, we want to go ahead and mount our white wire with the ring terminal or may be use it as a ground. Were going to go here just below the tail light area where the sheet metal is doubled up so that we can make a good ground connection. Well use our self-tapping screw provided with our install kit.

We can now go ahead and make the connection with our power wire. The red wire coming from the converter box and the black wire from our install kit will be our power wires that are going to run up to the battery of the vehicle. So first, let me take my power wire and feed it from underneath up into the tail light area. Well strip our wires back then we can add our butt connector. Now, we can go ahead and make the connection with our tail light and reinstall it.

Well now go ahead and get underneath the vehicle. Were going to route our green wire over to the passenger's side and our 4-pole connector to the hitch. When routing any of your wires, you want to stay away from excessive heat such as exhaust or pinch points such as the suspension or steering. To route my green wire over to the passenger's side, Im going to go up through the bumper structure. To get to the structure, Im going to use a pull wire or lead. In this case, Ill be using a piece of air tubing, but a stiff piece of wire or anything you can use to get through the bumper structure will be adequate. Once I'm fed up through the other side, Ill just take some black electrical tape to hold our wire while we pull it through. Well go ahead and feed that up to the bumper and pull it out the other side. Now, I still have my pull wire attached. I can go ahead and feed it up behind the passenger's side tail light housing. Routing your 4-pole wire to the center of the hitch will be a little more tricky and staying away from the exhaust, but theres just enough space to get up over the hitch to help protect the wire from the heat of the exhaust. Because theres no hole in the bumper to come out in the center of the vehicle, well have to go up over the hitch and then to center. We have plenty of lead from this wire so were just going to bundle up here behind the hitch in case we ever need to extend it. With the 4-pole secured, Ill just go ahead and take my cutters. Cut out the excess from the zip ties to clean up the look. Now with our green wire pulled up, we'll go ahead and remove our pull wire and make our connections with the vehicle, with plugging in line with the green connector only on the passenger's side. Well lock it into position then we can go ahead and reinstall our tail light. Now, we can get back underneath the vehicle and go ahead and run our power wire up to the battery. Now, weve got our pull wire fed up into the engine compartment, Ill go ahead and use it to pull my car wire up so we can secure it. Well just take our black zip ties provided in our install kit and use it to secure it off to the manufacturers wiring. Alright, lets go ahead and remove the cover off of the fuse box and you can see the positive battery post here. So lets go ahead and route our wire. Well just follow the manufacturers wiring around the fuse box. Now that weve got our wire routed over to our positive battery terminal, were going to go ahead and take our power wire and cut to fit. Im going to go ahead and strip it back and prepare it for our butt connector. We need to add a fuse in between our power wire and the battery. With our power wire stripped back, we'll go ahead and prepare our fuse holder. Ill go ahead and cut it in half and strip back both sides. Now on one side, well add a ring terminal and the other side well add our butt connector. Now, we can take the other end of our butt connector and add it to our power wire. As you can see, weve not added our fuse to our fuse holder. We wont do that until after weve make our connection with the battery terminal. Lets go ahead and do that now. Well remove the stud off the battery terminal, slip our ring terminal over it, and then reinstall it. Well go ahead and take a little black electrical tape. Im going to tape up my butt connector, finish securing my wiring, and then well install our fuse. And that will complete the install of our new Tow Ready T1 Connector, part number 118474, on our 2009 Dodge Journey.

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