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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2003 Ford Focus

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2003 Ford Focus Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2003 Ford Focus

Today on our 2003 Ford Focus Wagon well be installing Draw-Tite wiring harness part #: 18252. Now to begin well simply open the rear cargo door and remove the two taillight assemblies. To do this well unscrew the two Phillips head screws and push the taillight assembly out towards the side. We can then unplug the lights and set them off to the side to keep from damaging them. Well use a piece of airline as a fish tape where well fish it down through the taillight hole behind the bumper and down through the bottom. With that done well go ahead and take our four pole harness and well peel the green wire off of the harness so that it can be routed over to the right taillight.

With the green wire removed we can then attach the white wire, the brown wire and the yellow wire to the air tube and draw it back up. With that done well need to locate the wires for the proper signals with somebody in the front will have them turn the left turn signal on and using the probe included with the kit well locate our left turn signal and youll see here it is, the blue wire on our factory harness. We can then locate our taillight signal on our factory harness which is the orange wire here. Now, for our right turn signal it is the blue wire with the red tracer. Were now ready to make our connections.

Well now take our quick connectors also included with the kit, well place one of the connectors over the blue wire which is our turn signal brake signal and well take the yellow wire from our four pole harness and place it into the connector where we can then clamp it down using a pair of pliers. Well then close the lid and go ahead and tape it up with some electrical tape. Well now go ahead and make the connection for the taillights using the same procedure as we did with our left turn signal. And again, well go ahead and tape them up with electrical tape. Well now need to make our ground.

Well use the white wire and strip the insulation back, well attach and ringed eyelet. Well go ahead and make our ground connection here on the body of the vehicle right behind the taillight housing. With that all done well go ahead and reinstall our left taillight assembly. Now were underneath the vehicle and well need to rout our harness towards the passenger side. You want to make sure you stay away from any hot components such as your exhaust or moving components such as your suspension while routing it over.

Now, when weve reached the middle of the vehicle well go ahead and leave our four pole harness hanging there and continue with the green wire over to the passenger side. Now here on the passenger side well use the quick connector to make our connection here at the blue wire with the red tracer. And with that connection made we can go ahead and reinstall our right taillight assembly. Now well go ahead and secure our harness up to the vehicle to ensure it doesnt hang down. And with that our installation is complete and thatll do it for part #: 18252 from Draw-Tite on our 2003 Ford Focus Wagon.

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