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Peak Wireless Back-Up Camera Installation - 2006 Ford E-350 Van

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Installation of a Peak Wireless Back-Up Camera on a 2006 Ford E-350 Van

Today our 2006 Ford van E350 were going to install part number PK015737. This is Peaks wireless camera. Were going to start off our install by opening up the door on the passengers side. Were going to have to remove the interior panels to get access to the inside. Again, remove the top panel first. Well take the cover off for the manual lock and then we go ahead and remove the panel underneath.

Theres a screw off to the right-hand side. Next well remove the handle and then we can go ahead and remove the panel. Basically just pull up and out. The interior panel, theres a variety of screws that we have to undo. That will get us the panel thats right behind the license plate.

Were going to have to drill a 9/16 hole and install a grommet so we can run our wiring from our camera to the inside. The grommet were using is part number SWC8055. Then well go ahead and install our camera. It can use existing fasteners or it comes with extra fasteners if needed. Well go ahead and run our wire to the inside and then well run up the grommet and rubber sleeve that goes from the door to the body work.

Before we install our wiring to the grommet were going to pull it loose in the body work to make it a little easier to pull through. Then well take a piece of plastic tubing, well run it through first and then tape our wire to the end of it and pull it through. Then well take the wire, tuck it into the door because its going to be in the area right behind the taillight. Well go ahead and reinstall our grommet, and then we can go ahead and reinstall our components on the door. Well also take one moment to apply some silicone to our grommet before we put everything together.

Thats complete. Well go ahead and remove the taillight on the passengers side. Now well go ahead and install a cable that will power the camera in the back. Well have a red and black cable. The black cable will go to ground. This will be an all black wire on the reverse side. Then our positive wire, the red wire, will go to the black wire with the purple stripe. Now we have our two wires installed. Were going to go ahead and connect those to the antennae. They have two different shaped plugs so you cant get them crossed up. Well zip tie the antennae to one of the factory wires and then bundle up the rest of our wires and reattach the taillight. Were finished with the back end of the vehicle. Now well go up to the front. Go ahead and take our power wire for the monitor, well plug that into the port, then well route a wire underneath the dash. Well go down the dashboard a little bit, underneath the steering column and across to the other side. Well just route over existing cables and wires to keep it up out of the way. Then well go ahead and come out the corner of the dash by the door and then well sneak it up behind the rubber trim going up to the windshield. Now well go ahead and take our mount, connect it to the back of the camera and well go ahead and attach it to the windshield. It uses a suction cup. Push against the windshield and then push the lever in, and its attached. Our monitors on, so when we put in reverse the camera will come on. You can tuck away the excess wires any way you want. Basically that finishes it for our install. There you have it for part number PK015737 from Peak on our 2006 Ford van E350.

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