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Husky Liners Classic Custom Front Center Hump Floor Liner Review - 2006 Ford F-350

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Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty Floor Mats

Review of the Husky Liners Classic Custom Front Center Hump Floor Liner on a 2006 Ford F-350

Today, we'll be installing the Husky center hump floor liner, part number HL82452, grey in color, for your 2006 Ford F350. This application is also available in tan, part number HL82453, and black, part number HL82451. Install the new center hump liner, we'll go ahead and fit it in underneath the already installed Husky front liners, part number HL33852. These Husky liners are custom-molded to precisely fit the vehicle and stay in place. It's specifically molded and contoured to the vehicle's floor board, and then extra nibs will help it stay in place. One more feature about the Husky center hump floor liner is it's easy to install, can also easily be removed and cleaned and washed with soap and water. And there you have it for the Husky custom center hump floor liner, part number HL82452, grey in color, for your 2006 Ford F350.


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