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Fifth Wheel Base Rail Kit Installation - 2013 Ford F-350

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Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty Fifth Wheel Hitch

Installation of a Fifth Wheel Base Rail Kit on a 2013 Ford F-350

Today on our 2013 Ford F350 we'll be installing the Reece quick install custom base rail installation kit, part number RP50073-58. Note, to begin our install we've already gone ahead and lowered and removed the spare tire in both rear wheels. We'll go ahead and move to the bed with one of the base rails using our tape measure nad measuring from the end of the bed and not the tail gate we sit our base rail into position. Once we have it measured out as per the instructions then we'll check it from side to side to make sure we're even from side to side in the bed. We'll go ahead and mark the base rails attachment points, which will be the outside four corners. Once we've marked them with apaint marker we'll then go ahead and center punch each hole and prepare to drill it out.

Once we have them centered punched we can go ahead and move the base rail out of the way and using a small pilot bit go ahead and drill out our holes. Now to insure that we're lined up properly we'll go ahead and take the side bracket, put it into position and make sure our pilot hole comes down through the middle of the side bracket attachment point. Now once we're confident that our pilot holes are in the right position we'll go ahead and drill them out using a step bit process enlarging our bit to the final size. It'll be necessary to make sure when you drill the hole out that you end up vertical or straight up and down. We'll make sure we do this with each bit as we complete this step bit process.

Now with all four attachment points drilled out we're going to move underneath and install the side bracket. The side bracket will be secured with a 14 millimeter bolt and nut and retainer clip. We'll hold the side bracket into position and then feed the bolt through the side bracket and then through the frame. We'll slide the nut onto the backside and then turn the bolt until they're finger tight. Now to take up some slack we'll go ahead and tighten the colts down partially, but leaving enough room that the side bracket is still movable.

Note, each process that we do here on one side will get repeated identically on the opposite side. Now with our side brackets in place we'll move back to the pickup bed where we'll put our base rail over our pre-drilled holes and drop the half inch carriage bolts into place. Note, each of these attachments is landing on a angle of the bed rib. Now depending on where your attachment point lands in the bed corrugation will be where we'll put the used spacer blocks in position. If we put them into position here next to the carriage bolt on the top of the bed and then put the base rail into place the used spacer is actually pushed away from the carriage bolt.

For this application I recommend to actually install them underneath the bed. We place our block, lock washer, and nut onto the bolt and then we'll place our U shaped spacer block between the side bracket and bed, which will help to insure good contact and provide assistance so we don't crimp the bed corrugation. Just snug up the front rail to keep it in position. Next using the fifth wheel assembly as a template we'll start sitting the rear base rail. We'll sit the rear base rail into the pickup bed in it's proximate position and then use the fifth wheel assembly lined up with the front base rail and drop it into position. This will help line up the second or rare base rail. Now once it's in place we'll complete the same process of drilling out our attachment points. First we'll mark them with out paint marker, center punch them use our smaller bit as a pilot bit and verify it goes down through the attachment point of our side bracket and then completely drill them out. We'll use the same hardware as we did with the front base rail and tighten everything down. Now with all our hardware in place we're ready to tighten it down. Starting with our side brackets we'll tighten them down and then torque them to specifications. Next we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for our base rail attachment points. Now with the base rail secured we're going to move back tot he pickup bed and drill out two center attachment points for both the front and rear base rail. These will be the inside center attachment points for the base rail. We'll drop our carriage bolt into place, move underneath the vehicle, secure it with a conical tooth washer, the teeth of the washer facing the bed and a half inch nut. Once installed we'll tighten them down and then torque to specifications. Now with our base rails installed and secured we'll go ahead and install out fifth wheel assembly and secure it tot he base rail. We'll take our pin and feed from the inside out then we'll secure it with a safety clip. We'll do this for all four legs of the head assembly. We'll go ahead and go over the operation of our Pro Series fifth wheel trailer hitch with dual jaw, part number PS30855. To operate the hitch assembly we'll simply unlock the handle by raising the lock lever and then pull out on the handle releasing the dual jaw assembly. Then to re-secure the dual jaw assembly we'll slightly pull out on the handle moving it towards the rear of the vehicle, releasing the handle allowing it to go back into the head assembly locking the jaws of our head unit. Now with that done we're ready to hit the road. That does it for the install of the Reece quick install custom base rail kit, part number RP50073-58, in conjunction with the Pro Series fifth wheel trailer hitch dual jaw assembly, part number Ps30855, on our 2013 Ford F350. .

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Today on our 2007 Ford F350 Super Duty, we're going to be installing the BMW Custom Under-bed Installation Kit for BMW companion 5th wheel trailer hitches. Part number: BWGNRK1108-5W. The BMW Companion Gooseneck to 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter, Part number: BWRVK3500 is designed to be used with BMWs custom under-bed installation kits for companion 5th wheel trailer hitches. Before we begin our install, we'll go ahead and go over the operation of the hitch. Simply pull here on the driver's side rear well and rotate it forward. This will lock the pin in the open position, we'll take the ball, align it up with the hole here, we'll slide it in place, we'll then release the handle in the driver's side rear well, securing the ball in place. When you're not using the ball simply pull the handle out, secure it into the unlocked position, you then take the ball out, and flip it over and drop it back down into the hitch. Once that's done you release the handle in the rear well securing the ball back in the hitch. Here's both of our safety chain loops, you'll notice that they are spring-loaded from the springs we put on underneath so they'll pull back down. Simply raise them up and hook your safety chain to it, and now we'll go ahead and begin our install. We're going to begin our installation by first lowering and setting the spare tire out of the way.

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