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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

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Chevrolet Silverado Brake Controller

Installation of a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

All right, today on this 2012 Chevy Silverado, we're going to install part #90885 from the inaudible. This is the P2 brake controller. First thing we need to do is go ahead and find the factory wiring harness on our truck. Now it's located behind the dash underneath the steering wheel just a little towards the left and a little bit left of the brake pedal. Now it's pretty far up in there so it'll take a while to find. Now, take the wires and let's gently pull them down.

All right, when you look for the wires, you will look for this bundle right here with the dark blue wire, bright orange wire, a light-blue wire, a white wire, and a red wire with black stripe. There's five wires here but we'll only use four. We're going to use the red with the black stripe, that's our 12-volt battery feed. We're going to use our blue wire which is our output from our brake controller including that to the trailer connector. Our all white wire which will be ground and our blue wire with the white stripe, that'll be a signal coming from a brake switch.

So we will not use the orange one. Let's put that out of the way for now. We'll cut the wires flush and strip them out for buck connectors that will hook up our wire harness from the brake controller to here. We're going to hook up one wire at a time. So we'll start with blue wire first.

And this is our brake controller wire harness and we did add some bloom to it. So let's take our buck connector, it comes with it, when we connecting blue to blue. Blue is the output to the 7-Pole Connector. Now, I'll work with our wire with the red and black stripe, that's a 12-volt power supply and that will go to black on our brake controller harness. Our white wire for ground, this will connect to our white wire in the brake harness which is also ground.

And our blue and white stripe, which is our brake switch signal, will go to the red. All right, we'll go ahead and tape the wires and then we'll run our wire to the location we're going to mount our brake controller. They got a brake controller in a bracket, so we're going to mount it in this location right here. Now, you just screw to mark it then we'll go ahead and drill out our hole. That one screw holding it in place, go ahead and level out. Put the brake controller in. to help you with that, we'll go ahead and mark first so that I can hold. Take the wire harness, pull through the bracket and into the brake controller, snap it in place. Dont take the remaining wires, zip on them safe out of the way. Okay. Now, we got a brake controller hooked up but we don't have any power coming to it, so to go underneath the hood and make some connections. You see a fuse box here. Now let's hook up this wire here which is labeled aftermarket 12-volt trailer power feed. So, we'll take the cover off. The wire we need to hook up is taped to the wire harness so I'll just cut the tape and pull the wire loose, then we'll attach it right here. Now, it doesn't come for not to hold it down is a 6 millimeter nut, 1.25 thread pitch. And remove the handle just a little bit but you don't want to lift both of these up at the same time. This disconnect you from your wire harness and you may have had needed a trip to the dealership. All right, we'll just put the handle back into place and then the cover too. And with that, that'll finish it for our install part #90885 The Prodigy P2 brake controller on our 2012 full-size pickup.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Is the 2013 silverado the same?

comment by: MATT W - 1/8/2013


2013 should be the same way, so long as you have the factory 7-pole connector at the rear of the truck. If you do not have the factory 7-pole, you will also need part PK11916.

Patrick B - 1/11/2013


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Installed aftermarket brake controller in 2012 Suburban. Found your site on the web, found the wires and hooked it up, works. Thanks

comment by: Bill H - 3/6/2014


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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2013 Chevy Silverado we'll be installing the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 brake controller part number 90885. To begin our install we'll first locate the manufacturers wiring harness where the brake controller pigtail is taped up to the main wiring harness.Now that we've located the wires using our utility knife we will go ahead and cut them free. Then we'll pull down the tape and label which will identify the functions of each color. Then we'll go ahead and cut off any excess from the wires and strip them back.Next, we'll take our brake controller pigtail and add the bud connectors provided with our install kit. Now with our wires ready we'll go ahead and start making our connections.Starting with the dark blue wire coming from the vehicle and the dark blue from the brake controller pigtail we'll go ahead and connect the two with the yellow bud connector. We'll repeat the same process with the white wire from the vehicle and the white wire from our brake controller pigtail.Next, we'll take the red wire with the black tracer from the vehicle and connect it with the black wire coming from the brake controller pigtail and finally we'll take the light blue wire with the white tracer from the vehicle and connect it with the red wire from the brake controller pigtail completing the brake to a circuit.Now with all of our connections made I'm going to go ahead and take some black electrical tape and wrap up our wires also it will help clean up our install.

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