Thule CS10 Tire Chains Review

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Review of the Thule CS10 Tire Chains

Today we are going to show you part number TH00204102 from Thule. This is one of their tire chains, and this is their CS10 model. As you can see here, it comes with a carrying case, and you can carry both chains. Off to the right-hand side is a pair of gloves to help keep your mitts dry while you install the snow chains. Also, there is a set of extra repair links that come with. And then also, off to the left of that is a handle, and that is part of the quick-release system, which is one of the benefits of this actual part number here. It makes it really easy to disconnect the chain and take it off of the vehicle. And finally there is a kneeling mat so when you kneel down of course you will not get your knees wet. It has a patented self-centering and self-tensioning system. The tensioning system actually centers the chain on the tire as you drive. The pattern on the chain is asymmetrical, diamond-pattern chain with icebreaker reinforcements. And this will not affect anything like anti-lock braking systems and electronic stability control systems. And next we will go ahead and install this chain and show you how it works and how it looks.

Run the blue part around the bottom side of the tire and pull it behind the back and hook them together at the top of the tire. And the blue cable will hide behind the tire and this will stay on top to give you some reference. And pull out the rest of your chain. And this red hook goes to these red chain loops here, just like that. And then your tensioning device goes through here through this buckle. And pull it tight, and then it hooks up to this strap right here. And with that, the chains are installed.

To release everything, undo the tensioner, undo your hook here. And this is your quick-release for the blue cable in the back. You hook it up, give it a good pull, and it comes right apart. And then part of this chain is caught underneath the tire. You have just got to roll it one way or the other to get your chain loose. And there you have it for part number TH00204102 from Thule. This is one of their tire chains, their CS10 model.

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