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Boone Storage Dock Assembly

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Boone Storage Dock Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier Holder Assembly

Today we are going to show you the Boone Dock from Boone Outdoor Hardware. The Boone Dock is a device that holds your extra ball mounts, bicycle racks, and cargo carriers on your wall for easy storage. These are the parts we have here, it does need a little bit of assembly, so we will show you how it goes together. As you can see we already put the covers on the end of the tubes, they just pop on and you tap them into place no big deal. You do have to take note of what side these bars go on the main support bar, there are angles you have to match up to. It goes in like that and when you know what the general layout is then we can install the hardware. Now you get some common hand tools and tighten them down. In this case a 1/2 inch wrench and 1/2 inch socket. Once you have it assembled, you will notice that the angle is towards the wall. This will be the wall mount right here, it gets lag-bolted into place and this part just sits on the floor and bears the weight. You have to have this angle so it puts the weight straight down. You see we have this leaning against the wall here, it stands out away from the wall so it takes all the support weight.

What happens next is you install the screws that will hold it against the studs of your wall. Depending on the situation with the wall you have, what is really nice is that the studs on the inside holes will match 16 inch stud centers. The outside holes measure to 18 inches. The kit comes with four lag bolts to mount on the wall to your garage. Now we will show you how to install the dock block, the device that will actually hold your accessory. There is two positions you can choose from here or the lower one. We will choose the middle one here, this part simply slides into place and the pin goes through it. It is kind of hard to see, but if you can tell there are grooves in the pin that allow you to insert a C-clip. There is one on each side which will keep the pin from moving side to side. They simply just go over the groove, be careful because they fly and gently push them over. That is the assembly for BH91411, from Boone outdoor hardware, the Boone Dock.

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