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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2011 Honda CR-V

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Honda CR-V Wiring

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Installation of a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2011 Honda CR-V

On a 2011 Honda CR-V we will be installing part number 118427, a T-one connector by Tow Ready. Let us go ahead and open up our hatch. The first thing you want to do is make sure everything is out of your way. We are going to remove the spare tire cover. Get it out of our way. We are going to go ahead and remove some mounting bolts and some trim hardware so we can gain access to the right rear corner panel of the vehicle where we are going to connect our wiring harness. Pop rivets can be difficult but the good news is you can gain access from underneath to be able to pop it right out. Pop your rear trim panel loose. Set it to the side. We are going to pop the rear corner panel loose now. 0:50

You will see, now that we have the panel out of our way, we have located the white plug which is the trailer wiring harness. I am going to remove the tape and go ahead and make our connection now. We will take the white plug end of our new trailer wiring harness. Press firmly between the two connections and snap them together. I am going to go ahead and mount my ground here into the sheet metal. You just want to make sure you are free and clear of any wires. You do not want to cut, pinch or crimp anything. And for ease of installation, I am using a self-threading screw. Now that our ground wire is tight, we can mount our new module. You will see on the back side of the module there is, underneath, a clear plastic coating. There is an adhesive. We are going to locate a good place on the sheet metal to mount our new module. You will see we have plenty of room underneath here with a nice flat surface, clean and free of any debris. I can go ahead and peal back, exposing my adhesive, keeping all of my wires out of the way. I am going to mount my module pressing firmly so I make a good, adhesive connection. 2:15

I am going to tuck my excess wire back here in to the fender well so that it is out of the way. Before we reinstall our trim panel, we are going to pull out our new 4-pole lead because we have made all of our connections. So now that we have our lead out to where it is going to be usable, we can reinstall our trim panel. We are just going to want to walk it back into place, as we removed it earlier. OK, we have one tab to put back in on our rear trim panel. Now that we have completed the reinstallation of the driver side rear trim panel, we can do the trim panel that goes across the back. When we snap that back into place I like to make sure all of my weather stripping is proper. Now we are going to put our little push button pieces back in. Push that back in and then push the center back together. It gives it a wedge effect. We are going to reinstall our hold down loops. Now that we have our trim panel back in place and re-secured, we can reinstall our spare tire cover. Now that we have our spare tire cover reinstalled, we have completed the installation of our 4-pole connector. To hold it down to our new hitch you can use the manufacture supplied hold down loop. Secure it to our hitch. We have completed the installation of part number 118427, a T-one connector by Tow Ready.

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