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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2008 Toyota Tacoma

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Toyota Tacoma Wiring

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Installation of a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2008 Toyota Tacoma

Today we are working on a 2008 Toyota Tacoma. We will be installing Tow Ready T-one connector part number 118496. Our first step will be to lower the tailgate. This will expose the mounting screws so that we can remove the rear taillight. They will be identical on the passenger side also. Let us go ahead and do that now. With our mounting screws removed, we can go ahead and remove the taillight. We will just work it back and forth until it comes free from its fasteners. With the taillight removed, you can see the connection here for our new Tow Ready connector. So we will depress the locking tab here on the backside of the connector and separate the two connection points. Once we disconnect the two connection points, the taillight lens will be free of the vehicle. We will take our yellow wire connector. It will match the manufacturer connection and we can plug them inline. Once it snaps in place, we can then go back to the vehicle connector on the other side and snap it into place. 1:00

Now, before we reinstall the driver side taillight, I am going to go ahead and peal back the white wire. We are going to it down between the taillight and the body of the vehicle so that we can make a ground connection and we are also going to feed the green wire, or the right side taillight wiring, down through the body. And our new 4-pole connector will also get thread down through the body. We will just follow the manufacturer wiring out down below the taillight. With that done, we can go ahead and mount our converter box. We will peal back the paper off of the two sided adhesive. We are looking for a clean, flat location. Just the inside behind the taillight is a perfect spot. Firmly press it to make sure we get a good connection. With our converter box installed, we can go ahead and reinstall our taillight lens. 1:54

Now that we are under the vehicle, we can go ahead and take our ground wire, which you can see already has a ring terminal on it, and a self-tapping screw and make our ground connection here. Alright, with our ground connection made, we just want to start following the manufacture wiring and route both our wiring going to the right side taillight lens and our new 4-pole connector. We will go up, over the frame and route our 4-pole connector down to the hitch. Then we will continue on the wiring that goes to the right side. Go up over the right side frame and up through the body, behind the right side taillight lens. Go ahead and make our connection to the right side taillight lens now. And separate the two connection points. 2:49

As we stated before, we were just following the manufacturer wiring. We can go ahead and use some black zip-ties to secure it to that manufacturer wiring. With all of my zip-ties in place, I am just going to go back and trim off any extra. Give you a good clean look. And that completes the installation of our Tow Ready T-once connector, part number 118496.

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