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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2008 Toyota Corolla

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Toyota Corolla Wiring

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Installation of a Wiring Harness for a Trailer on a 2008 Toyota Corolla

Today on this 2008 Toyota Corolla we are going to install part number 118387 from Tow Ready. Our connection point is going behind the carpeting here so that means we are going to take this carpeting loose here, we are going to take off the threshold, and get it out of the way so we can route our wires from one side to the other. So far I am going to take out this floor cover here and right now the threshold itself. Make sure you get the fittings underneath here. There it goes. Work on the carpeting here. 00:50

All right we will start making our first connection. This is where our wire harness will plug in at behind the tail light. What you want to do is push the little button back here so the inside part comes out. It is kind of hard to see so you will have to do it by feel that it is there. All right then we will take our wire harness and we will plug that back in the same spot. Make sure it snaps. These are our other two we are going to plug back together. Then all that remains now is we need to find a good place to ground it, our wire harness. We will use this sheet metal like a shelf right here on the body work and it should work just fine. On a thinner sheet metal you want to attach it by hand so you do not over drill it and go through it really easy and strip it out. 02:06

All right now we will go ahead and attach our converter box. Using the adhesive behind it find a nice piece of sheet metal right here and we will go ahead and attach it to that, make sure it is nice and clean. Okay we will let that sit for now. Then with our red and green wire we will run them all the way across following the factory harness and we will do the same thing back over on the passenger side. Okay now lets go ahead and take some zip ties and we will just zip it to the factory harness and we will be set. All right at this point we can go ahead and start reassembling our interior. Just make sure that we leave room for our 4-pole wiring harness. We will actually just tuck this in the spare tire well and then to use it we will just pull it out. We will leave that there for now. All right now we have got our interior back together and we have got our 4-pole harness, just pull it out from the trunk well and when you need to use it it is very simple. Just pull it out a little bit of what you need and then just go ahead and shut the trunk on it this door steel is plenty thick so it will not smash the wire and just make sure you stay away from the latch. Then just pull out what you need to go down to your trailer. Okay after you have it installed go ahead and check it for the test the light to make sure it is working fine. And there you have it for part number 118387 from Tow Ready.

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