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Replacement Rectangular Washer for Thule Ride-On Adapter

This part replaces 1 rectangular washer for your Thule Ride-On adapter. The washer fits between the carriage bolt head and the base of the Ride-On clamp-on assembly. Features: Replaces 1 rectangular washer for Thule Ride-On adapter Fits between the carriage bolt head and the clamp-on base Specs: Application: Thule Ride-On Adapter (TH532) 853-2154 Replacement

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SuperSprings Mounting Kit for OEM Leaf Springs Above the Axle - Extended U-Bolts

Use this kit to mount your SuperSprings leaf spring helper kit if your factory leaf springs are located above your axle and your spring pack is more than 2-3/4" thick. in the installed SuperSprings, you get a quieter ride. Bolt the mounting brackets to the factory spring packs using the extended U-bolts, cross plates, washers and nuts included in the kit. When installed correctly,


 Suspension Enhancement Kit

 Rear Axle Suspension

 Leaf Springs Mounting Kit

Replacement Square-Bar Clamp-On for Thule Ride-On Adapter

rectangular washer and hex nut (sold separately). Features: Replaces 1 clamp-on for Thule Ride-On adapter Fits around Thule square load bar Provides attachment point for mounting clamps Installs on mounting clamps with carriage bolt, rectangular

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Quick Fist XL Clamps - 15" Inner Diameter - Rubber - 150 lbs Each - Qty 2

Durable rubber, jaw-style clamps with adjustable straps helps you store and transport items up to 15" in diameter such as cans, tanks, or coolers. Permanently install on your vehicle, trailer, wall, or any flat surface. 300 lbs WLL per pair. of the clamp must be mounted with each side facing (as illustrated) and with the arrows on each base facing each other. Use four #10 bolts or screws and appropriately-sized washers to fasten each base. Do

 Tie Down Strap

 Cargo Clamp

 150 lbs

 Quick Fist

Replacement Top Mounting Clamp for Thule Ride-On Adapter

This mounting clamp works in conjunction with a bottom mounting clamp to install your Thule Ride-On adapter on factory roof-rack load bars. The top mounting clamp serves as a mounting point for the clamp-on that holds your Thule square load bars. to the Thule square load bars of the Ride-On adapter Requires bolts and rectangular washers (sold separately) for installation Specs: Application: Thule Ride-On Adapter (TH532) 853-5267 Replacement Top Mounting

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