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Trailer Valet 5X Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover - Topwind - 15" Lift - 500 lbs


Heavy-duty jack with integrated drive function replaces your ordinary trailer jack and takes the hassle out of hooking up and moving your trailer. Simply turn the crank that powers the drive system into your garage or another tight spot Chain drive system is powered by easy-to-use hand crank Drive and steer your trailer with minimal effort Switch between high and low gears for effortless driving - even

 Trailer Dolly

 Side Frame Mount Jack

 Swivel Jack - Pull Pin

 Topwind Jack

 Trailer Valet


 500 lbs TW

 With Wheel

 500 lbs

 15 Inch Lift

Replacement Drill Attachment for Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly


Replaces the drill attachment on your Trailer Valet XL trailer dolly. Can also be added to a Trailer Valet 5X so that you can use a cordless drill (not included) in place of the hand crank. Features: Replaces the drill attachment on your Trailer Valet XL trailer dolly Fits models: TVXL2 and TVXL25 Can be used with your Trailer Valet 5X swivel jack trailer mover (STC-V211) in place

 Hitch Accessories

 Drill Attachment

 Trailer Dolly Parts

 Trailer Valet

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