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Don't say goodbye to your truck bed. Instead, say hello to the Ranch Hitch fifth-wheel-to-gooseneck coupler adapter. The 8" offset allows more clearance between truck and trailer for short-bed trucks. 24,000 lbs GTW and 6,000 lbs TW.

 Adapts Trailer

 Fifth Wheel Trailer to Gooseneck Hitch

 King Pin Adapters

 Bolts Over King Pin

Weight Capacity:
 24000 lbs GTW



    9 Reviews

For safety and stability, air springs are the perfect partner for your rear suspension when you are hauling heavy loads. Springs reduce strain on your rear axle, keep your vehicle level, and adjust to load sizes for a consistently smooth ride.... layers of reinforced rubber to ensure durability and enhance load support. A braided wire girdle creates the double-convoluted shape of each air spring, increasing the burst pressure of the spring. ...


Suspension Placement:
 Rear Axle Suspension

Type of Kit:
 Suspension Enhancement Kit

Type of Suspension:
 Air Springs

Construction of Springs:
 4-Ply Rubber Springs

Weight Capacity:
 5000 lbs

    147 Reviews

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