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Converting Trailer from Surge Brakes to Electric Brakes


i have a trailer that is currently fitted w/ 2 sets of surge brakes. my new chevy truck has a controller built in. what will it take to convert my trailer?

asked by: will

Expert Reply:

First you will need to remove the old hydraulic equipment. Remove the surge coupler or actuator, remove all the lines, and finally remove the brake assemblies. If you have 10 inch diameter hub and drums, you may need to replace those as well. If you have 12 inch hub and drums, you can re-use them so long as they are in good shape.

You will install your new electric brake assemblies, like part # 23-105 and part # 23-106. The magnets have 2 wire leads, one for ground, one for power. It does not matter which wire you use for which function, they are non-polarity specific. The two power wires will need to be run up the length of the frame and connected together. Ultimately they need to connect to the brake controller output wire on the 7-Way on the truck. I have added a link to a wiring page that shows which pin serves which function on a seven way.

Hubs need to be re-installed or replaced. This would also be a good time to clean and check bearings and make sure they do not need to be replaced. I have added links to a bunch of videos that show how to do these things.

You will need a new coupler and this all depends on the frame of the trailer. I have added a link to a page with all of our couplers on it.

This should get you started for now. You will probably have more questions later, so feel free to write back and we will do our best to get you set up.

expert reply by: Patrick B

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