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How To Calculate Total Tongue Weight


Does the entire weight of the rack plus the bikes add directly to the tongue weight?...example: Tongue weight prior to bike and rack= 380 Bike rack = 45 lbs, bikes = 75 lbs. is my tongue weight total now = 500 lbs? Thanks

asked by: Eric T

Expert Reply:

If 380 pounds is the tongue weight of your trailer, then you are correct. You add the tongue weight of the trailer to bike rack and bikes, and that total is your total tongue weight. Make sure you are within the tongue weight capacities of both your hitch and your 2005 Dodge Dakota.

If 380 pounds is your hitch or vehicle capacity, you would subtract the bike and bike rack weight.
380-(75+45)=260 pounds of capacity left.

Trailer Tongue Weight + Bike Rack Weight + Total Weight of all Bikes = Total Tongue Weight

Total Tongue Weight must be less than Tongue weight capacity of hitch or truck, whichever is lower.

expert reply by: Patrick B

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