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Replacement Trailer Tire for Size 7.00-15LT Load Range D 8 Ply Rated


I have an older EZ Loader boat trailer that the current tires have seen their better days. One tire actually has had 4inch chunks of thread peel off tire going down the road. The current size on the tires are 7.00-15LT 8-ply. Wanting to know what would be the best options for replacement tires.

asked by: Jason S

Expert Reply:

We currently have the Kenda Light Truck Tire K391M, part # AM10414, which is the same 7.00-15 tire size that you have. It is a load range E (10 ply rated) tire which has a maximum load capacity of 2,376 pounds at 70 psi. You will want to check that this tire will have a load capacity that will meet the requirement for your boat trailer. There should be sticker or plate on the trailer frame somewhere that lists the capacity. You want the combined capacity of all the tires to match or exceed the trailer capacity.

The other two 15 inch trailer tire sizes that we have available are the ST205/75-15 size and the ST225/75-15 size. The ST205/75-15 size will have a width of 8 inches and a height of 27.3 inches. This tire will be about 1 inch wider and 1 inch shorter compared to your 7.00-15 size.

The ST225/75-15 size will be about 1-1/2 inches wider and about the same height (28.1 inches) as your 7.00-15 tire size, but it is designed for a minimum wheel width of 6 inches. The wheel width that the 7.00-15 size will usually be mounted on is 5-1/2 inches, so the ST225/75-15 size would not fit that wheel size.

If you are buying a tire and wheel together you will just need to make sure it will have the correct weight capacity and enough clearance to fit on your trailer if you go with something other than # AM10414.

I am including links to a couple of FAQ pages on trailer tires as well.

expert reply by: Michael H

Feedback from Jason S

Really appreciate the help !
Michael H

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