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Cargo Carrier Weight and Tongue Capacity for 2010 Toyota Corolla


How much does this item weigh? I bought a Curt hitch from you for 2010 Corolla. It says it can take a tongue weight of 200lbs. Do I factor in the cargo carrier weight to that limit and add the cargo as well?

asked by: Jim

Expert Reply:

The 20x48 Cargo Carrier, item # 6500, weighs 47 pounds. Yes you must factor in the weight of the cargo carrier and cargo and any items loaded behind the rear axle of the car. You also need to check your vehicle maximum tongue weight rating and use the lowest maximum rating of the vehicle, hitch or cargo carrier as the weight that can be carried in the receiver hitch.

If you have a 200 pound max tongue weight rating and no items loaded in the vehicle behind the rear axle then you could carry 153 pounds safely on the, #6500, cargo carrier.

expert reply by: Bob G

Robert G

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hi, thanks jim for asking the same question i would like to ask. and bob, or anyone knowledgeable, i would like to ask additional question pertaining to this tongue weight issue. You stated: ......If you have a 200 pound max tongue weight rating and no items loaded in the vehicle behind the rear axle then you could carry 153 pounds safely on the, 6500, cargo carrier..... does that mean that there shouldnt be any items loaded in the trunk for me to able to haul 153# on the cargo carrier? or i could load and haul something in the trunk plus a 150# in the carrier? i am talking with regards to a 2009 honda accord with hidden hitch class 1 receiver hitch #60325. thanks in advance.

comment by: pon z - 3/18/2013

The hitch tongue weight capacity is 200 pounds. For the sake of discussion, we will assume that Honda has rated your Accord the same. My instincts tell me Honda rated the car itself for a lesser tongue weight, so check the manual and adjust the numbers accordingly. On to the discussion. Honda says 200 pounds tongue weight. That takes into account the frame structure and suspension among other factors. The suspension and frame is why we mention the part about behind the axle. So the carrier weighs 47 pounds and you load 150 pounds onto the carrier. Since all this weight is behind the rear axle, the rear suspension is supporting all of it. That leaves only 3 pounds available for items in the trunk behind the rear axle. Anymore and the rear suspension could potentially be overloaded and result in a bad ride or worse, like suspension damage. If cargo is loaded in trunk, but forward of the rear axle. Then the front suspension is bearing part of that weight. Its not sharp, clear-cut physics, but it is the best applicable method to ensure protection of the suspension and frame in the rear of the vehicle.

Patrick B - 4/11/2013

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