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Would the TruRyde Grease Cap Plug # RG04-010 work as a Replacement for AL-KO Cap # 568067


Will these caps fit the Al-KO Ultrulube, OEM#568067?

asked by: MIchael

Expert Reply:

I did some checking and it looks like the Al-KO cap # 568067 is designed to fit a 1-3/16 inch hole. The Grease Cap Plug # RG04-010 is also designed to fit this size hole so it should work well for you.

expert reply by: Jameson C

Jameson C

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Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2

Grease Cap Plug for E-Z Lube Grease Caps - Qty 2

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E-Z Lube Grease Caps

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E-Z Lube Axle


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