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How to Determine Correct Trailer Ball Height for Chevy Tahoe Towing Small Fishing Boat


How we determine the correct for a ball mount hitch? Our Tahoe hitch is much higher than my brother-in-laws Honda Pilot.

asked by: Connie G

Expert Reply:

To determine the rise or drop needed, jack up the trailer so that the frame is level to the ground. Measure from the bottom of the coupler to the ground. Then, measure from the top of the receiver opening to the ground. The difference between these two measurements is the rise or drop needed. If the receiver height of the Tahoe is greater than the coupler height of the level trailer, you will need a ball mount with a drop. If the level trailer coupler height is greater than the receiver height of the Tahoe, use a ball mount with a rise.

You might find that a ball mount with the exact correct rise or drop is not available. If this is the case, get as close as you can. As long as you are within 2 or so inches of level, you will be fine. Its is preferable to have the trailer ball a bit high than too low.

I have linked to our FAQ article that will show you exactly what to measure to determine the rise or drop needed.

expert reply by: Mike L

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Ball Mount 3/4" Rise or 2" Drop, 7,500 lbs

Ball Mount 3/4" Rise or 2" Drop, 7,500 lbs

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Fixed Ball Mount
Standard Ball Mount
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Product Specs:

Fits 2 Inch Hitch
Rise - 3/4 Inch
Drop - 2 Inch
Class III
7500 lbs GTW

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