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How Should a Friction Bar Sway Control System be Adjusted


I just purchased a Coachman 21.5 foot travel trailer. The dealer installed a complete leveling and sway control system. It says Pro Series Friction Sway Control. The directions say to turn and tighten the handle all the way tight. If I do this it makes all kinds of very loud groaning noises. If I back off three complete turns, the groaning stops. It is nice to have it quiet but am I getting the proper sway control? How should this unit be adjusted?

asked by: Wayne R

Expert Reply:

The adjustment of any friction sway control system, including the Pro Series # 83660, is relatively simple. Basically, you will drive with the trailer loaded to determine if more or less tension is needed. Then you will either make it tighter or looser my turning the handle in 1/4 turn increments. Then do another test. Keep doing this until you reach the desired result.

Friction sway control is going to make noise because it is essentially metal rubbing against a brake pad-type material. It should not start out being adjusted all the way tight. It is going to be different for every trailer and driving conditions so fine tuning it is a must to get the best results.

I have included a link to the instructions. Page 2, part 3, Adjustment, is what you will want to look at. I have also linked a video showing a typical installation for you and a link to our FAQ article on weight distribution and sway control.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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