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How to Install Hayes-Lemmerz Energize Brake Controller on 1986 Chevrolet C/K Series Pickup


Ineed help with the wireing diagram to a 1986 chevy silverado i have the 7 blade and 4 flat wiring kit and the energize 3 medium/heavy duty break controler is there any way to get a wiring diagram?and what i need to install

asked by: Michael

Expert Reply:

To add electric trailer brake control to your 1986 C/K Pickup you will use the brake controller and installation wiring kit that you already have, and you will also need a 4-pole trailer connector if your vehicle does not already have one under the rear bumper. The attached FAQ article details the required components and installation steps.

If you need a 4-pole trailer connector, you can use part # 118312. This plugs into your tail light wiring without cutting or splicing and provides the basic trailer lighting functions by connecting between your vehicle tail light wiring and the 7-way. The wiring kit we suggest, part # ETBC7, which you indicate you already have, includes all required components to complete installation. I have provided a link to a video review of the ETBC7 and also a link to an installation video (in a 1993 Chevy Suburban).

The wire leads from the 7-way connect to your vehicle as follows:

Black wire (12V hot lead) connects to the positive terminal on your vehicle battery.
Blue wire (brake wire) connects to the blue wire on the brake controller.
White wire (ground) connects to a clean rust-free bare metal spot on the vehicle frame.
Purple wire (reverse light) connects to the vehicle reverse lights if desired (optional).

You can wire the controller to your vehicle as follows:

White (ground) wire connects to the vehicle battery negative terminal.
Black (12 volt) wire connects to battery positive terminal through a self-resetting circuit breaker.
Red (stoplight) wire connects to the cold side of the brake pedal switch.
Blue (controller output) wire connects to the blue wire on the 7-way connector.

Select a mounting location that will keep the controller parallel to the direction of travel; this is necessary for the internal pendulum to operate correctly. The mounting location should be within easy reach for the driver and be free from excessive vibration. We usually suggest attaching the controller mounting bracket to the drivers right for easy access.

expert reply by: Adam R

Adam R

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