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Bike Rack Options for a 2013 Toyota Highlander


I just purchased a 2013 Highlander and do not have any sort of trailer hitch. I would like to use a bike rack not roof mounted and am wondering what my options are. Specifically, can I use a bike rack whose straps will come over the extended lip at the top of my rear tailgate.

asked by: Sean A

Expert Reply:

After doing some research on your vehicle, I found that there are no trunk mounted bike rack options available for your 2013 Toyota Highlander. Bike rack manufacturers have determined that it would be unsafe to use a trunk mounted bike rack on your rear hatch because the vehicle is unable to support the weight at the point where the carrier must be placed.

It is likely due to the spoiler at the top of the rear hatch that you have referenced. These spoilers were not designed to support any type of load and could deform or even break under the weight of a bike rack and bikes.

The best and safest option to carry bikes with your vehicle would be to add a trailer hitch and use a hitch mounted bike rack. The only other option would be to use a roof mounted bike rack, but that could be difficult to load on your SUV.

I have attached a link to all of the trailer hitches that we carry that will fit on your vehicle as well as a link to all of our hitch mounted bike racks for that hitch for you to check out. If you would like trailer hitch and bike rack recommendations, just let me know and I can provide you with everything that you would need.

expert reply by: John H

John H

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