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Determining Trailer Cargo Weight Limit With Kenda # AM1HP52 Loadstar K399 Trailer Tire


is it always better to go with higher load range i have Cs on my snowmobile trailer thinking E would be better

asked by: Gerry

Expert Reply:

It is important that the total load to be carried (the approximate combined weight of your snowmobile, your trailer and any other equipment that might be carried at the same time, such as filled gasoline containers and camping gear, for example) be within specified weight limits of not only your tires, but also your trailer wheels and the trailer axle. If any one of the trailer suspension components is below the total load requirement then you may need not only different tires, but potentially other higher-rated suspension parts and axle..

Since the suspension components work together as a moving system, no one part should have a significantly different weight capacity than any other, for both towing stability and safety reasons.

As for the tire ratings you asked about specifically:

The Loadstar K399 Bias Trailer Tire - 205/65-10 - Load Range C, part # AM1HP52, has a maximum load rating of 1100 pounds at 50 psi.

The Loadstar K399 Bias Trailer Tire - 205/65-10 - Load Range E, part # AM1HP56, has a maximum load rating of 1650 pounds at 90 psi.

Before selecting replacement tires we recommend that you evaluate the specifications of all of the involved weight-bearing trailer components to ensure compatibility.

expert reply by: Adam R

Adam R

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