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Can Springs Be Upgraded on 5th Wheel Trailer With 5,200-Lb Axles


I have a 1998 Sunnybrook 5th wheel trailer. The listed GAWR is 5200#. I have broken 3 springs at different times. I would like to upgrade if possible or needed. What would be the best replacement springs and install kit?

asked by: Ken A

Expert Reply:

You may go up to a higher weight capacity spring as long as the eye-to-eye length and the width will fit, but the higher capacity springs WILL NOT increase the weight capacity of your trailer. The weight capacity will still be limited to whatever the lowest rated component of the system is, whether it be the axle, the shackles or the equalizer. If you decide to go with the higher-rated springs, you will be making the axle and the spindles the lowest-rated component, which can cause failure of the bearings and spindles which would be extremely dangerous. All springs would need to be replaced at the same time.

I would recommend getting a fully-loaded and ready to tow weight of your trailer to ensure you are not overloading the suspension. You can do this at any truck scale for a nominal fee. If the trailer is overloaded, you will need to lighten it by removing gear, or upgrade to a heavier-duty axle.

When replacing trailer springs, you will want to go by the listed axle capacity of the springs and the measurements on the spring. If the GAWR (gross axle weight rating) on your trailer is listed as a 5,200 pound axle I would recommend the 5-Leaf Double-Eye Spring, part # PR5. This is a 5-Leaf spring that is designed for use on a 5,800-lb rated axles. The 5,200-lb rated axle you have is a de-rated 5,800-lb axle so you will still want to make sure to use the 5,200-lb rating as your maximum weight capacity. The PR5 spring measures 25-1/4 inches from eye center to eye center and 3 inches from the center point on top of the spring up to the center line between the 2 eyes.

You would have to replace the axle and springs for a higher capacity. If not, you will still be limited to the lowest rated component in the system. This will also require different wheels and tires that are rated higher as well because the new axle will have different hubs and you will need wheels and tires to match the higher capacity.

I am including a link to a FAQ page on double-eye trailer suspension.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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