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Wiring a 3rd Brake Light and Dome Light for Camper Shell in a 2010 Ford F-350


how can I connect the brake light and a 12volt dome ligh with out cutting in to my wiring harness

asked by: Ralph I

Expert Reply:

I do know that on a 2011 F-350, and probably the same for 2010, there is a wire under the hood on the driver side (blue/orange) that you can tap into to power a brake light on the camper shell. Take a look at the helpful link I have included that will take you to a question and answer page showing the wire.

Use a circuit tester like # 3808 to test the wire to make sure it lights up only when the brake pedal is pressed. You can also consult the owners manual for the location of the CHMSL (center high mount stop light) fuse and tap into that.

The dome light will be a little different. You have 2 options. You can either tap into the running light circuit and the dome light will come on when the running lights are on, or you can connect it directly to the battery and use a switch like # BL0108-00. The switch will be the best way to do it because that way the dome light will not be on all the time when driving at night like it would if tapped into the running light circuit.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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