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Will Honda Ruckus 49cc Fit Rage Powersports Hitch Cargo Carrier # MX600 on 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Will the MX-600X carry a Honda Ruckus 49cc on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

asked by: Michael N

Expert Reply:

The Rage Powersports Hitch Cargo Carrier, part # MX600, is designed to be used on a Class III 2-Inch hitch with at least a 500-lb tongue weight capacity.

You will want to check the hitch on your 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee to make sure it is a Class III 2-Inch hitch. The hitch will usually have a label on it that will list the maximum tongue weight capacity.

If you need a hitch for your Grand Cherokee I would recommend the Hidden Hitch Class III 2-Inch Hitch, part # 87601. I am including a link to the installation instructions on the hitch.

You did not give a year of your Honda Ruckus, but after looking up some specifications on a 2012 Ruckus it looks like the scooter will work on the Rage cargo carrier. If your Honda is a different year I would check the specifications on your model year to make sure they will fit within the guidelines of the cargo carrier.

The carrier has a track length of 74-3/4 inches, which would give plenty of room for the 49.8 inch wheelbase on the 2012 Ruckus.

The stock tires on the 2012 model are 4-3/4 inches wide in front and 5-1/8 inches in the rear, which would work with the 5-1/2 inch track width on the carrier, unless you have installed wider tires.

With the weight of oil and gas included, the scooter weight of the 2012 model should be around 200 pounds which would also work with the 300 pound restriction on rear engine-mounted scooters for the Rage cargo carrier.

I am including a link to a video review on the Rage cargo carrier.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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