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What is the Best Truck for Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer


Would a 1 ton dodge, ford or chevy do the trick? I understand the difference between dry and so called wet weight, because 14,000 lbs can become 18,000lbs in a hurry! Will it still do the job or do I need to beef it up? A friend said that he took a 3/4 ton dodge and made it a 1 ton, but Im not a mechanic and dont wish to alter anything. Of all the makes what is the best truck for the job dodge, ford or gmc? Ive had fords all my life! Havent purchased anything yet!

asked by: Russ

Expert Reply:

To answer the last question first the key is to check the towing capacity of each truck you are interested in and make sure they are rated for the weight of the trailer when it is loaded and ready to tow. A 1 ton of any make should have no trouble towing the average 5th wheel trailer but just check the towing capacities to be certain. I do recommend a diesel since they are great for towing and last a long time, and a truck with an Allison transmission which is a good towing tranny.

Changing a 3/4 ton to a 1 ton is no easy task. That would require substantial cost and upgrades to the suspension, axles, possibly the drive train and frame and other parts. There is a lot more to it than you might think. With that said many 3/4 tons can do the trick as well. Some people tow with 1/2 tons as well. It all depends on what the truck is rated for.

Since you have not purchased anything yet I urge you to go with a long bed truck (8 feet). This will allow you to go with a fixed hitch, not a slider, and you will not have to worry about clearance issues when making tight turns.

As far as the make it is really up to personal preference as long as the truck has the capacity to tow the trailer you want to tow. You will know when you find the right truck for you.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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