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Titan Trailer Disc Brakes Lock Up While Towing and Will Not Release


I installed the Titan Hydro Actuator and disc brakes on my trailer... I used it 2 times last year and it worked great, I just used the trailer again 1 month ago and it seamed like 1 disc calipher would not release.. I got the trailer home, removed the calipher and released the bleeder and squeezed the piston back in.. everything was good.. I manually actuated the system from the tonque and the pads were releasing. Then 2 weeks later I used the trailer again... and the then they both locked up not full strength but enough to generate heat and then I got a puff of smoke... not sure if it was grease coming from the hub or brake fluid. Any suggestions on how to fix the issue with the whole system only being less then 9 months old... and only used 3 times and the trailer is stored in a building... it doesnt make sense.

asked by: Bob

Expert Reply:

It sounds like you are getting air in the system somewhere which could be from a hose with dry rot or a compression fitting especially since the trailer has not seen too much activity. To check for leaks you can fill the reservoir and manually actuate the brakes and look for leaks. Repair or replacing leaking parts, bleed the system, and see if that was the issue.

It is also possible that the break away cable is partially engaged. If it is, it will need to be reset and the way you do this will vary from coupler model to coupler model but should be in the owners manual of the coupler.

You could have some kind of debris in the brake lines. For this you would need to drain and completely clean out the system and then re-bleed the brakes.

You could possibly have a broken or pinched brake line somewhere. Trace the brake lines to check if there are any broken or bent parts and replace them as needed. For any and all troubleshooting, always make sure there is plenty of fluid in the reservoir to avoid getting air into the lines.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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