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How to Determine the Tongue Weight of a Fifth Wheel Trailer


Expecting to purchase a 5th wheel how do I determine the tongue weight of the model I want? I like the item # CAB-c56x1216.Thanks.

asked by: Gill

Expert Reply:

There is not an easy way to verify the tongue weight of a fifth wheel trailer if you do not already have the trailer. The best way to find the tongue weight of your fifth wheel trailer is to use a commercial scale like those at truck stops or at material supply centers. First you should weigh your tow vehicle without the trailer connected. Next, connect your trailer to your tow vehicle and drive it on the scale. The difference between the two weights is the tongue weight.

Since you do not have the trailer yet, you will want to do some calculating. A general rule is that the tongue weight of a fifth wheel trailer is typically about 20 percent of the gross trailer weight. You will also want to know the approximate weight of everything that you plan to load into your trailer before calculating the estimated tongue weight to ensure you are getting the tongue weight of the trailer when it will be at its heaviest weight.

The Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Adapter, # CAB-C5GX1216, has a tongue weight capacity of 2,000 lbs. A standard fifth wheel hitch will give you a greater tongue weight capacity than a fifth-wheel-to-gooseneck adapter.

If you want to send me the dry weight of the fifth wheel trailer you are interested in and the year, make and model of your truck, then I can make a fifth wheel hitch or fifth-wheel-to-gooseneck adapter recommendation for you.

expert reply by: John H

John H

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