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Trailer Brakes are On All the Time with Draw-Tite Activator II Brake Controller


I have a 2007 International 4400 Semi with a Daw Tite activator 2 brake controller. I pull a 40foot gooseneck with the truck. The trailer has working brakes because my buddy used the trailer a few days before and they worked fine for him. But when i connect the trailer to my truck the brakes are either on all the way, or i can scroll them down to 0 so the trailer can atleast roll. The controller does not recognize that i have pushed the brake it just stays on full power or i manually turn the controller down to 0 power. I have no idea what is wrong. Ive been over the wiring for the connector for the trailer and everything is A okay!!! please help me.

asked by: Tom K

Expert Reply:

You can test the brake controller to determine if it is the problem. First, adjust the power to a medium setting. Next, sever the blue wire a few inches back from the controller and use a circuit tester, like # 3808 if needed, to test the blue wire coming from the controller.

If it shows voltage without you stepping on the brake or when not using the manual override, then there is a problem inside the controller and it will need to be replaced. It should only show power on the blue wire when you apply the brakes/use the manual override.

If it works like it should then the next thing to check would be the truck side trailer connector. Check for dirt or corrosion in the connector and int he back where the wires attach. A short could be causing a draw on the system.

Since the trailer brakes worked fine on a different vehicle, the magnets on the trailer are probably fine but it may be worth inspecting them just to be sure. I have included a link to an FAQ that will help.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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