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Does The Egg Smell from Exhaust of 2000 Buick Park Avenue Mean that the Catalytic Converter is Bad


2000 park ave buick. will crank then quickly dies. sometimes will idle as though you have bought bad gas then dies with a boiled egg smell and smoke from exhaust. any ideas?

asked by: Darell E

Expert Reply:

The smell you are describing is a tell-tale sign that the catalytic converter in your 2000 Buick Park Avenue is going out. However, they do not usually fail on their own. Typically it is a tune-up issue that is causing the converter to fail. If your car ends up running too rich the converter will get hotter than usual as all of the extra fuel in the exhaust heats up the converter and creates the smell.

I would recommend giving your car a complete tune-up and getting some good gas from a reputable gas station and in doing so you should find the problem that is causing the converter to fail. If the smell goes away then the converter should still be fine. But if it persists then the converter will need to be replaced.

If a converter gets clogged or fouled out you will see it have problems idling like you described. Also the converter itself will sometimes glow red from all the heat build up.

Are there any error codes showing on the dash? Having the codes read can give you some insight into where the problem area is also. Some auto parts stores will do this for free.

I attached a couple catalytic converter FAQs for you to check out also.

expert reply by: Jameson C

Jameson C

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