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Wiring a Trailer Breakaway Kit on a Bigfoot Travel Trailer


I recently bought a bigfoot travel trailer and discovered it had and old Tekonsha 2010 switch on it . The wires comming out of the switch go directly into the trailer and i assume to the breaks . My question is ,,should there be a wire going to a power source some where ? and if so could you send me a diagram .

asked by: Les

Expert Reply:

In order for a break away system to power electric trailer brakes, it will need a 12 volt power source (a battery mounted on the trailer). The battery has to provide a full 15 minutes of braking power to comply with DOT regulations.

On the trailer connector there is a wire that goes back to the trailer brakes. This wire may be black or blue depending on the specific system. Attach one wire from the switch to the wire that goes to the trailer brakes. There should be another wire, usually black, that connects from the switch to the positive battery terminal on the break away battery. The battery is grounded to the trailer frame. If there is also a white wire on the switch, it will get ground to the main ground from the trailer connector.

Since there are so many unknowns, I recommend just replacing the whole thing with a new kit. The Engager system, # 20099, comes with a battery, tester, charger, and switch. I have included a link to the installation details for you. I have also included a picture that shows a typical wiring schematic.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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Michael you havent told him how simple it is to do a test to see if indeed the existing system is working or not. Just pull the breakaway lanyard out after lifting one of the trailer wheels . If the trailers rv battery has any kind of a charge the raised wheel shouldnt be able to spin. Re the plug attached to the lanyard and the breakaway switch should now be disengaged and the wheel should spin freely, a good test to do every spring on all wheels to see if your brakes are working. Not to mention pulling the wheels off and repacking the grease checking the wear on the brakes, condition of the appliances etc. Of course that should be done by a certified Individual. FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL!! Happy camping. John.

comment by: John d - 1/28/2013

Thanks for the extra info!

Patrick B - 2/8/2013

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