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Converting from Electric Drum Trailer Brakes to Kodiak Hydraulic Disc Trailer Brakes


I live in Canada and have a 1993 Hayshed 18 foot car trailer with two 3500# electric axles. On one of my recent trips to the states I cooked the bearings on one axle and had it get all heated up, melting the cable for the actuator. I need to repair this and upgrade the second axle as well. Looking for parts on-line I saw the disc replacement and Im wondering if this is a simple replacement or if there are several other parts to replace as well. For instance does it still use the same electrical hook up to actuate, stuff like that. I find the conversion kits to be economical, but wonder if there are hidden costs Im not factoring in.

asked by: Dave B

Expert Reply:

To upgrade your car hauler to Disc Brakes will require several items. Since you are already setup with a brake controller for controlling electric brakes, the easiest way to upgrade would be to add an electric over hydraulic brake actuator to the trailer, like the Titan BrakeRite, # T4813100, for disc brakes. The pump in this actuator will be activated by the brake output circuit coming from your brake controller.

If your brake controller is proportional, you will need to make sure it is compatible with electric over hydraulic braking systems. We carry the Tekonsha P3 brake controller, # 90195, which is compatible with electric over hydraulic braking systems.

Next, you need to make sure that the brake mounting flange on your trailer axles is compatible with the brake mounting flange in the disc brake kit that you purchase. For a 3,500 lb axle the 4 bolt brake mounting flange is most often used.

Once you have a disc brake kit selected you will need hydraulic brake lines to complete the installation. For a tandem axle setup you can use the Deluxe Hydraulic Line Kit, # 9579-2, to run lines from each brake caliper forward to the electric over hydraulic actuator.

Finally, you will need a breakaway kit, like part # T4822100, to complete the setup.

expert reply by: Bob G

Robert G

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