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Trailer Wiring Diagram for 4-Way, 5-way, 6-Way and 7-Way Trialer Connectors


i need a diagram of the wireing for the trailer,i cant get the connection wright.

asked by: Robert D

Expert Reply:

A link to the trailer wiring you are asking about is provided, just scroll down the page to select the connector you have on your vehicle and trailer.

The wires on the 5 pole flat are as follows White/ground, Brown/taillights, Yellow/left turn and stop, Green/right turn and stop and Blue/reverse lockout.

The brown will run to both sides of the trailer and the yellow and green will only go to the respective side they are needed on. The Blue wire goes to the electric lockout solenoid for the trailer brakes. White is grounded to the trailer frame.

You may need to check the connectors for corrosion as this causes trouble some times. Also the ground can cause problems. Make sure the lights are making good contact with the trailer frame and all ground wires are mounted to clean metal surfaces and tight. If you still need assistance let me know we will work through it.

expert reply by: Bob G

Robert G

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Trailer Wiring Diagrams
Trailer Wiring Diagrams

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