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Location of Manufacturer and Warranty of Kenda Tires


Bought a 24foot stock trailer in Dec 07. It came with Jing Lun 235/85R16 Load Range E tires. One year ago while hauling a light load 150 miles from home a 4inch wide strip of tread pealed off. Two days ago the same thing happened, again 150 miles from home. Where are the Kendra tires made and what kind of waranty do they come with? There is only one review, what experience have your customers had with the Kendra trailer tires?

asked by: Allan S

Expert Reply:

Kenda tires offer a 2 year limited warranty, and are manufactured in Taiwan or mainland China.

We have sold Kenda tires for years, and when properly inflated and kept at or below their 65 mph speed rating and when used within their weight rating, they work very well.

Always be sure to keep trailer tires inflated to the maximum psi listed on the sidewall. Failure to do so can lead to excess heat build up, which is the biggest enemy of trailer tires.

I see that the tire you referenced is of a higher weight rating than your existing tires. Keep in mind that choosing a tire with a higher weight rating will not necessarily increase the weight carrying capacity of your stock trailer, you will still be limited to the capacity of the lowest rated component.

I have linked you to our Trailer Tire FAQ page, that has additional information about choosing the correct tire for your needs.

expert reply by: Mike L

Michael L

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