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How Does the Dexter Electric Over Hydraulic Trailer Brake Actuator Work


I currently have a Tie Down brake actuator that has a solenoid valve that is hooked up to the hydraulic line. There are disc brakes on the trailer. I think this is an over glorified brake actuator the is actually a hydraulic unit that works on surge? I am looking at the Dexter unit, but, am not sure as to how the dexter unit works? Does it have some type of a pump that puts hydraulic fluid to the brakes depending on how much voltage the brake controller puts out?

asked by: Andrew O

Expert Reply:

You are correct in your assessment of how the Dexter brake actuator works. The brake controller in the vehicle will send back a signal to the actuator and it will, in turn, apply the appropriate amount of hydraulic pressure to the trailer brakes.

The Dexter actuator has 4 wires to connect. I have included a diagram of how the unit will need to be wired. You will need a breakaway kit, if you do not already have one, for use with this unit. You can use # 34-285.

expert reply by: Michael H

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