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Connecting a Power Lead From an Electric A-Frame Jack to Trailer Accessory Battery


How do I connect/wire the Elec. Internally grounded Jack motors power source lead wire to the RV Trailers Accessory Battery?

asked by: Carlos R

Expert Reply:

If you are using an internally grounded electric jack like the Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack, part # UF38-944017, you simply run the power lead to the accessory battery on the trailer and connect it to the positive terminal using something like a ring terminal, like part # DW05705-1.

You will also want to make sure the negative post of the battery is grounded to the trailer frame so the circuit is complete. This type of jack will only require the power lead wire to be connected as it is grounded when the jack is bolted to the trailer frame.

expert reply by: John H

John H

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