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Does a Weight Distribution Hitch Allow More Tongue Weight on the Ball


I have a 2010 Santa Fe AWD 6 cylinder. I installed a Hidden Hitch and noticed that the TW on the ball mount can be increased when using a Weight Distribution Hitch. It means that the actual TW is distributed on the front axel and trailer axel. Therefore, the actual TW on the ball mount is reduced? Is this accurate? Thanks.

asked by: Serge B

Expert Reply:

The physics of a weight distribution system can be a little confusing. But, basically the spring bars in the system push weight forward and backward so that the weight is more evenly pushed to the front and rear axles of the tow vehicle and the trailer axles. The actual tongue weight on the ball may not change significantly.

Using a weight distribution system does not allow the vehicle to tow any more weight, but it does allow the hitch to carry more weight. The towing capacity of the vehicle remains constant whatever its maximum may be as indicated in the owners manual.

Not all hitches and vehicles can use a weight distribution system. You will have to look at the hitch for a sticker that indicates its capacities. If capacities with weight distribution are not listed, the hitch cannot be used with weight distribution. If the vehicle owners manual states it cannot be used with weight distribution, do not use it, even if the hitch can.

Out of the hitches we offer for a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe, see link, only the Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch Class III hitches can be used with weight distribution (as long as the vehicle permits it). I have also included a link to our FAQ article on weight distribution for you.

If you determine that your vehicle and hitch can be used with weight distribution, I will be happy to make a recommendation if you can provide the gross trailer weight and tongue weight of the trailer when loaded and ready to tow.

expert reply by: Michael H

Michael H

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