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Recommendation for Making an RV Sewer Hose Carrier


I do not have a place to store the sewer hose on my rv. I have been using a big rack that slides into my hitch and put the hose in a plastic storage box on the rack. I know that hose storage pipes are available, but i would like to mount it to my bumper hitch. Does anyone make an item like this or will i have to piece it together? Thanks

asked by: Tom

Expert Reply:

At this time we do not carry a sewer hose carrier for the back of an RV but I have a solution for you. You will need to make a run to your local home improvement store to assemble all the necessary parts.

You can build one of these tubes fairly easily by using 4 inch diameter PVC tubing (go 5 inch or even 6 inch if you want to keep your hose ends on) and two residential sewer clean-out screw caps, found at any home improvement center. Cut to your desired length and mount using plastic u-brackets to avoid rusting. Add screw cap adapters to each end of the tubing, attach a tether to the end of each cap and secure tether to the RV. Attaching the tether to the RV, like to the flooring or frame, instead of the tubing prevents the sewer hose from catching on the screw when inserting or removing the hose. Using a rivet instead of a screw for securing the tether to the tube will work if you can get your riveting tool to fit inside the tubing when using the compressing the rivet.

expert reply by: Jameson C

Jameson C

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