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How to Torque Suspension and Equalizer Bolts when Changing Shackles on a Horse Trailer


how tight should the equalizer center bolt be? how tight should the leaf spring shackle bolts be? while fixing my horse trailer I wasnt sure how much movement there should be. thank you

asked by: Gregory W

Expert Reply:

When replacing equalizer bolts and shackle bolts you will not use a specific torque rating for tightening the bolts.

The first thing you should make sure of is that the bolts you use are long enough so that when installed you will have at least 2 threads protruding from the nut.

Next, make sure that the nut you are using is a locking nut, so that it cannot work loose and fall off.

Next, if the bolt you are using has knurls at the bolt head you will want to tighten the bolt down until the knurls go through the shackle link or spring/equalizer hanger and the bolt head is flush. Then, back off the nut just a bit so that all of the components are pulled together but not so tight they cannot move with a bit of force.

We have an instructional video demonstrating how to replace an equalizer and spring shackles that should be very helpful, and I have provided links to the equalizers, hangers and suspension bolts that you may need.

expert reply by: Bob G

Robert G

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