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How To Setup Bunk Rollers on Boat Trailer


Hello, Do you have any information on how to set-up / adjust the bunk-rollers on a boat trailer so the boat will center when loaded and also best be supported? Thanks and I have been very pleased with your products to date.

asked by: Michael B

Expert Reply:

Boat Trailer Roller Bunks, like the item you selected, part # DL21741, are not designed to line-up or center the boat, but for the boat to rest and roll on the bunks. Typically, if you are loading a boat the boat is not loading squarely it is because the trailer is too deep in the water. You would want to use part of the trailer as a reference to determine how far to back the trailer into the water.

You would want to install the bunks in place of your existing bunks or rollers. If you have flat mounted wooden bunks, you can use the # DL21741 bunks. If you have side mounted bunks, you would want to use Standard Roller Bunk # DL21755.

To help guide your boat on the trailer, we have the Fulton Boat Guide, part # FBGR200101.

I have linked another question and answer showing how to attach bunk rollers to a 2 x 4, and a picture of bunks being used on a custom boat ramp.

expert reply by: Reno H

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