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Can Trailer Axles Be Mounted Above and Below the Leaf Springs on a Trailer


I have a tandem axle trailer that I am looking to replace the springs. Currently the axle is located below the springs, which make the trailer bed high off the ground. I have several questions. 1. Can I place them above the springs? 2. If so, how much clearance should I have between the axle and the trailer frame? 3. I notice you sell hanger kits with different center verses front / rear hangers. Is there an advantage to having the center hanger different..and if so what? Thanks in advance...

asked by: Doug M

Expert Reply:

The best and safest way to have the axles orientated to the leaf spring is the way the trailer was originally manufactured. The trailer manufacturer will have tested the trailer with the original suspension setup for adequate braking and handling performance. If you flip the axles it could work fine, but since it has never been tested it is hard to say for certain.

With that being said, you can have the axles on the top or the bottom of leaf springs. If you do have the axles on top of the leaf springs you will want to make sure there is plenty of clearance to allow for the suspension to adequately function. If the axle has 4 inches of travel between the frame and the axle you should be fine.

Depending on the clearance needed we offer different size hangers. The reason the center hanger comes down farther than the front and rear hangers is because shackle straps are used to attach the springs to the hanger. The longer center hanger is to compensate for how the shackle straps bring the distance from the leaf spring to the trailer closer. As long as the springs are level there is not a clear advantage to a certain hanger over an another.

Check out the picture I attached, notice how the shackle straps bring the springs closer to the trailer.

I attached an FAQ article on trailer suspension systems for you to check out also.

expert reply by: Jameson C

Jameson C

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