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Solutions for adjusting Gooseneck Trailer Height for Towing with a Truck with Lifted Suspension


I have an old 3 horse gooseneck trailer that rides too low because the pulling truck has a 4 lift and large tall tires. I have lowered the gooseneck as low as possible without hitting the bed. Can I raise the trailer without welding new brackets? I was think thinking I could either replace the springs, or just the shackles longer and the equalizer deeper along with adding new taller tires. I am trying to get 2-1/2 to 3 taller rear height.

asked by: Charles R

Expert Reply:

There are things that can be done to raise your gooseneck trailer suspension to help provide the proper ride height for your truck.

First the capacity of the axles on your trailer should be determined, to be sure that the parts ordered will work correctly and will be safe. We have a informational article on double-eye trailer suspensions that should be helpful.

If your axles are 3 inch diameter, then we could use a Trailer Springs Over-Under Conversion Kit, # K71-385-00, to move the springs from the bottom of the trailer axle and place them on top of the axle. This would provide approximately 5 inches of lift, depending on the style of springs and axle type on the trailer. Three inch diameter axles sounds about right for a tandem axle 3 horse trailer, normally 3 inch axles are rated at 6,000 to 7,200 lbs each, check the diameter and capacity rating to be sure.

If you do not have 3 inch diameter axles things get more complicated with welding required. If you would like to move the springs to the top of the axle, a qualified trailer shop will be able to select the correct parts and weld on new spring seats. You will need a set of spring seats, U-Bolts, U-Bolt Nuts, and replacement parts for any parts that are worn and need to be replaced, see links. Your spring hangers and equalizer can remain the same as long as they are in good working condition.

You could also use deeper front, center and rear hangers and a deeper possibly a deeper equalizer, see links. Selecting these would require measuring the original parts and adding the same amount to each measurement, to keep the suspension working correctly. Installation of deeper spring hangers will require cutting the old ones off and welding new spring hangers on.

There are a couple of pitfalls to keep in mind when altering a trailer suspension. Once the trailer suspension is modified, towing with a normal height truck may not be an option any longer, and raising the trailer will affect the loading height for your horses, which could be a big issue for some horses. Finally, raising the trailer could cause dangerous sway if not done correctly, especially with a horse trailer where the load in the trailer can shift considerably without warning.

If you would like to send me as much information as possible about the axles on your trailer and the dimensions of the suspension parts, as outlined in the article linked below, I would be glad to make the best recommendation possible for your situation.

expert reply by: Bob G

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