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How to Raise and Lower the Domar Stabilizer Trailer Jack


Just how are you supposed to: a raise the jack b lower it Raising seems pretty forward but lowering it is not

asked by: Steven P

Expert Reply:

Using the Domar Stabilizer Jack, # TJ01RT, is very simple. When the jack is mounted on the bottom of the trailer frame in the up position, all you will need to do is pull the leg away from the mounting bracket (there is a spring that holds the leg in place) and then swing down until it locks into position.

Once down, to release the drop leg you will only need to push down on the lever at the bottom of the leg and gravity will pull it down. If you want to use the jack to slightly raise the trailer, you can use the Handle Rod, # 80480. There are holes through the leg where you can insert the rod to get leverage to advance the jack up one hole at a time.

To raise the leg you will first push down the lever like before and then slide the drop leg up. Once up all the way, release the lever. To swing the whole mechanism back up, pull down on it and swing it back up to the stowed position where it will lock into place.

I made a short video for you demonstrating how it works.

expert reply by: Michael H

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