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Can a Pop Up Camper with 8 Inch Tires be Upgraded to 10 Inch Tires


I currently have a popup with 8 rims. I would like to upgrade to a tire with a 10 rim. The bolt pattern matches 5x4 1/2 and I am pretty sure that I have room in the wheel well. I also believe my bearing/hubs are rated to handle either 8 or 10 inch wheels. Am I missing anything? Can the difference in the width of the tire cause a problem. # AM3H390 Thanks,

asked by: Matt

Expert Reply:

If you have a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern on your hub with 8 inch wheels, you will be able to use the 10 inch wheels with a 5 on 4-1/2 inch bolt pattern on that hub. The center hole diameter on the 8 inch wheels and the 10 inch wheels are the same 2.8 inch hub pilot diameter.

The biggest thing to check is to make sure you have the clearance to add a taller and wider wheel and tire. Make sure there is plenty of space to add taller wheels, especially if you have fenders above the wheels on your trailer. The extra width of the tire would not cause a problem as long as it will fit your camper.

The overall diameter and width of the Kenda 205/65-10 bias Trailer Tire and wheel, part # AM3H390, is 20.5 inches tall and 8.3 inches wide. You will need to compare those dimensions with the height and width on your 8 inch wheels and make sure you will have the needed clearance. I am including a link to a FAQ page on trailer tire sizes. This page will show the overall diameters of the 8 inch size tires.

You will also want to make sure that when you change tires that you use a tire that will have the correct load carrying capacity for your camper.

expert reply by: Jeff D

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